Free Add Ons

We always strive to give our customers the maximum value for their money. So we are providing the following Free additions along with our powerful products. Click on the links to get the full details.

  1. Market View

  2. Lifetime Support Guaranty

  3. 2 weeks usage of Profision

  4. 20 days access to Personal Portfolio Adviser (PPA)

Add on Availability Matrix

Details about the Free Add Ons
  1. 1 year access to Market View: Market view is the daily analysis provided by Top Indian Share Market Experts Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar about how the share market will behave on that day. This will include the important support levels and resistance levels for the day. It will also have advice about the approach to be taken for that day.

  2. Lifetime Support Guaranty: We guaranty that our experts will reply back to each and every query that you email to us about the investments that you want to make as per our investment strategy. We guaranty that our reply will reach you before the share market opens on the next day, i.e. before 9.55 am. We will reply to you even if you want to buy shares for just 100 rupees or if you want to buy shares worth lakhs of rupees. This support is totally Free and it will be there with you all your life. If we find that you should not be investing on the shares for which you have sent us the query then we will also email you the correct analysis for those shares.

  3. 2 weeks usage of Profision: This remarkable software will help you to unleash the full value of our Powerful Investment strategy. There are 5000 companies listed in BSE and NSE. Irrespective of whether the BSE sensex and Nifty are going up or down, there are a few of these 5000 companies, whose share prices are going to skyrocket. However, it is impossible for any person to monitor the technical charts of all these 5000 companies. This is where you will be amazed by the power of Profision. It will search through the entire stock market and bring you the best investment opportunities at the click of a button.

  4. 20 days access to Personal Portfolio Advisor (PPA): This is our premium product. In this we take over from you all the work and analysis that needs to be done for investing. We shall provide you with the most profitable investment opportunities in the stock market. We will also track these recommendations till their closure. This means that you no longer need to remember the Stop Loss Levels or the Targets. Our experts will take care of this for you.

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