Profision: A Powerful, Easy to use Software based on our Investment Strategy

What it does

There are 5000 companies listed in BSE and NSE. Irrespective of whether the BSE sensex and Nifty are going up or going down there are a few of these 5000 companies, whose share prices are going to skyrocket. However, it is impossible for any person to monitor the technical charts of all these 5000 companies and identify the most profitable investment options.

This is where you will be supported by the tremendous data bank and computational ability of this software. This remarkable software will help you to unleash the full value of our Powerful Investment strategy.

Listed below are the most Powerful Benefits.

  • Simple to use. No prior knowledge of share market is required.
  • At the Click of a Button it Instantly displays the top investment opportunities present in the share market
  • It monitors every stock listed in the share market. You do not miss even a single investment opportunity.
  • Contains full historical data about every stock and index, right from the day when the BSE and NSE stock exchange came into existence.

Features which make it so Easy to use and Effective
  • Simple to Calculate Stop loss, Target, Risk to Reward Ratio and the Time required to reach the Target.
  • Efficient Alert system instantly informs you when a Stop Loss has been encountered or a Target has been reached.
  • Easy to add comments. Allows the user to save all the analysis done.
  • Contains Easy to use Portfolio Tracking system that enables you to efficiently track the performance of your investments.
  • Technical Chart of each stock is available in all the formats, like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Contains 5 day, 13 day and 26 Day Moving Averages for every stock.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Contains charts and data about various commodities being traded in MCX and NCDEX.
  • Has links to Fundamentals Information about each stock.
  • Has many advanced indicators and oscillator like MACD, RSI and stochastic indicator available for all stocks.
  • Contains the In-House Teji – Mandi system. This system tells you whether you should Buy, Sell or Hold a share. Every share being traded in NSE & BSE is monitored by this system on a daily basis.

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  • Lifetime Support Guaranty
  • 1 year access to Market View
  • 2 weeks usage of Profision.

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Subscription Fee

I guess now you would be wondering about how much this package will cost. We always strive to give our customers the maximum value for their money. Here is the subscription fee (Inclusive of all taxes)
  1. One year subscription fee: Rs. 11030.00
  2. 10 day evaluation trial/demo fee: Rs. 1103.00


  • If you purchase the software within the next 10 days of the trial / demo expiry date then this amount will be adjusted in the 1 year subscription cost.
  • If you subscribe after 10 days of the trial / demo expiry date then you will have to pay the complete amount for the 1 year subscription.
  • You will receive Auto Generated Renewal Reminders in the last 5 days before the expiry date.

The Real value You get from this package

The real value that You get from this package is far more than the 11030 rupees that you pay for the annual subscription. This software will easily give you 300 percent returns, in one year on the amount you invest on it. The true value of this complete package when compared to similar products in the market comes to

119,000 rupees. Click here to find out the Real value of this Course.

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