Powerful Shares Investing strategy
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How does this powerful shares investing strategy work?

You would now have so many queries. And you want clear, to the point answers QUICKLY.

That’s why I have used the 17 question method. In 17 carefully chosen questions and answers you will get the complete picture of this shares investing strategy in a step by step manner.

To help you get the complete summary in a single glance, I have created a condensed one liner for each question. These are given below.

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  1. Needs Just 10 Minute per day and You Enjoy Peace of Mind also.
  2. No need to work hard doing Fundamental Analysis.
  3. No Worry or Fear of Financial crisis or sudden Policy changes.
  4. Accurately Predicts when share market will Skyrocket or Crash.
  5. Predicted Satyam Scam 6 months in Advance.
  6. The Basic Principle behind it.
  7. Even people with Zero Experience in share market Easily Learn it.
  8. You will Master it in Just 2 Days.
  9. 8 Reasons - How it will help YOU to Spot the Best shares and Earn Outstanding Profits

Question 1. I am unable to invest in share market because
  • I have a very demanding and stressful job
  • I do not have the time to study the share market
  • I do not have the time to monitor the share prices during the day
  • I do not want to lose my peace of mind
  • I do not want to lose my hard earned money

Can this shares investing strategy help me?

Answer. This shares investing strategy is designed specifically for people like you.

Just 10 minutes a Day

There will be 2 phases which you will go through, when you start to invest using this strategy. In the first phase which will last for about 1 month you will build a portfolio of 10-15 shares. During this period you will need to devote 30 minutes a day to follow this shares investing strategy.

From the second month onwards you will be in the second phase. Here you just need to monitor if you need to book profit on any of your stocks. After you book profit, you will buy a new stock to replace the previous stock. From now onwards you will need to give just 10 minutes a day to follow this shares investing strategy.

No need to study or monitor share market after the 10 minute analysis

At the end of a trading day you will do the 10 minute analysis as explained in the investment strategy, to decide the actions that you need to take for the next day. After this brief but powerful analysis you can call your broker and place your orders. If you use online trading then you can just log in and place your orders.

That’s it.

No need to listen to business channel. No need to log on to websites for tips. No need to read business newspaper. No need to track the performance of various companies.

No hurry and No worry. Enjoy Peace of mind

No need to monitor the share prices during the day. In fact we insist that you Do NOT look at the share prices during the day. If you keep checking the share prices you may get influenced by the intraday fluctuations and take the wrong decision. You must stick to the decision that you made on the previous night after your 10 minute analysis.

You can concentrate fully on your work during the day. All investment decisions are already taken in the previous night. Have a good peaceful night’s sleep and live a healthy life.

Your hard earned money is Safe

This shares investing strategy has worked flawlessly in all kinds of market conditions over the past decade. Even in the rare cases where the share prices do not move in the expected direction, there is no risk. Simply come out of the investments when it reaches the suggested Stop loss levels and you will face little or no loss to your hard earned money.

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Question 2. It is said that a smart investor should identify and buy shares having good fundamentals. As the share market has thousands of shares I will need to spend a lot of time to identify the shares which have good fundamentals.

In this situation how is it possible to invest successfully in the share market by spending just 10 minutes per day to study it?

Answer. Fundamental analysis is one of the methods widely used by the big investors to invest in the share market. However this is not the right method for the common investor. Why? To answer this question let us first understand what is fundamental analysis ...

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental Analysis is NOT looking through the past performances and results of a company, because these results have already been factored in to arrive at the current share price. Fundamental analysis is about analyzing the future potential of a company. One needs to find out the future revenue, cost and profits for the company. To find this one needs Inside information about a company’s order book, clients, raw material costs, relationship with the workers etc. One also needs expertise in that field to understand how all these factors will impact it's future profits. It can take many months to do fundamental analysis of a single company.

Fundamental Analysis is NOT the right method for Common Investors

Big investors like Financial Institutions or Mutual funds have the inside information and the resources to hire the experts to do such analysis. But for a common investor this is not possible.

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Question 3. The share market is so unpredictable. All kinds of unexpected news can impact it like – change in government policy, financial crisis in USA or fraud in a company.

Should we then invest on the basis of latest news about the share market?

Answer. This is a very important secret that every common investor must remember at all times.

Never invest in shares based on Latest breaking news.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the common investor loses his money, which is pocketed by the big investor. How does this happen?

When a common investor hears a particular news in Newspaper, magazine or TV he thinks that the news has just come out. However this is far from the truth. The truth is that the big investors like financial institutions and mutual fund managers are aware of this news many days in advance. They have already made their purchases based on this news and the share price has already risen as per the news. So the common investor ends up buying the share at its highest price. On the other hand the big investor will be selling the stock and booking his profit at this time.

This is the biggest problem that the common investor faces.

He Buys when the Big investor is Selling, he Sells when the Big investor is Buying.

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Question 4. Can this shares investing strategy predict when the share market is going to crash Or know when the share market is going to sky rocket?

Answer.  This shares investing strategy has been able to accurately predict all the major rallies that have taken place in the Indian share market. Many of the major rallies are mentioned below. Full details are given about how this shares investing strategy had accurately predicted these rallies. Please click on the links below to get the full details.

  1. Sensex rises from 800 on June 22 1990 to 1300 on October 26 1990
  2. Sensex rises from 1298 on July 5 1991 to 1787 on October 9 1991
  3. Sensex rises from 2005 on January 17 1992 to 3682 on May 11 1992
  4. Sensex rises from 2098 on July 19 1993 to 3987 on March 4 1994
  5. Sensex rises from 2928 on April 28 2003  to 5771 on January 30 2004
  6. Sensex falls from 20827 in Jan 11th 2008 to 8554 on October 27 2008
  7. Sensex rises from 8004 in March 6 2009 to 14384 on July 7 2009

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Question 5. Can this shares investing strategy really predict sudden fluctuation in the price of a particular stock. For example could it predict the Satyam scam which caused the price of the stock to crash?

Crash predicted 6 months in Advance, 93 % Profits by Short Selling.

Satyam crashed to 24 rupees on 9th January when news about the scam came out. We were able to predict this 6 months in advance.

  • First signal to sell given on 4th July when the price was 464 rupees.
  • Final signal to sell given on 11th July when the price was 452 rupees.
  • Signal to Short Sell given on 19th September at price 370 rupees.
  • Minimum target for this Short sell signal was 218.
  • This Short sell target was to be reached by Nov 20th.

Satyam eventually fell to 24 rupees on 9th January. Thus a person who would have Short sold it at 370 on 19th September would have made a profit of 93 percent in 4 months.Click here to view the technical chart with the Proofs about these signals

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Question 6. So this shares investing strategy is NOT based on following the latest news about the share market or on doing fundamental analysis of the stocks. Then what is this shares investing strategy based on?

Answer. To invest in shares Profitably we need to follow the simple principle given below.

Buy when the Big investor Buys and Sell when the Big investor Sells.

Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar have been studying the behavior of Indian share market for the past 17 years. They observed that when the big investors start to buy or sell a share heavily certain indicators can be clearly seen in the Technical charts. They developed this powerful shares investing strategy based on these indicators. This investment strategy is extremely easy to learn, easy to apply and has performed successfully in all market conditions.

In the 2 day concentrated course on Technical Analysis

  • You will learn what these Indicators are.
  • You will learn to identify the stocks which show any of these indicators.
  • You will learn to spot the shares which are going to skyrocket.
  • You will learn to spot the shares which are going to crash.

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Question 7. So you use Technical Analysis. I am New to share market. Will I be able to understand technical analysis?

Answer. This shares investing strategy was developed by Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar, who are top experts of Indian share market. A lot of careful analysis was done to develop it.

But this powerful shares investing strategy is also very Easy to Understand and Use. Irrespective of your background, i.e. whether you are a salaried person, or a housewife or a businessman or a retired person, you will find it very Easy to Learn and Use.

Take the example of Television. To invent a TV was a complex task. A lot of research and experiments were done by many experts before the first TV could be manufactured.

But today, even a small child can easily use the remote to turn it On and watch his favorite program.

Here is the feedback from some of our customers who were just like You.


Mr. Sharad Kulkarni – Salaried Professional

The first thought that came to my mind after attending the seminar was that, had I attended it before I would have saved so many Losses and would not have missed so many Opportunities. I learnt How to Apply Technical Analysis tools to Actual Market Conditions.

I was also surprised to see the simplicity of the process. The complex Technical Analysis is made so SIMPLE to Understand and Apply. To read full feedback please click here

Pravin Mokal

Mr. Pravin Mokal - Salaried Professional

This is a amazing course from Kiran Jadhav. His genius lies in: 
  1. His "keep it simple" approach. I believe keeping things simple is the toughest job. It’s like when Sachin bats you feel that the pitch supports batting but when he is OUT you suddenly see the spin and bounce in the pitch when the others fail in chain after him.
  2. Thorough knowledge about Technical Analysis of share market.
  3. More importantly his willingness to share this knowledge with common people, especially in this current world where almost everybody tries to fool others.
It gives you ‘Independence’!! It makes you self reliant for all the decisions you (will) take about your stock investments rather than being always dependent on false information like tips, news in business-channels/newspapers or even the balance sheets etc. To read full feedback please click here

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Question 8. Ok so it is easy to understand the Technical Analysis used in this investment strategy. But will it take a long time before I am able to apply this strategy in the real share market?

Answer. Absolutely Not. You will solve more than 15 practical cases yourself during this 2 day course. This will teach you thoroughly how to apply this shares investing strategy to the real share market. By the time you complete solving these 15 practical cases you will have mastered this method.

The course is conducted on a weekend, i.e. Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday evening you will be able to use this shares investing strategy and tell

  1. Which company's share is good to buy on the next day i.e. Monday.
  2. The price at which you should buy that share.
  3. The target price that you can expect the share to reach.
  4. The number of days that this share will require to reach its target price.
  5. The Stop Loss price that you should set to limit your losses in case such a situation arises.

In just 2 days you will become an independent and intelligent investor.

You will soon see that your own analysis is more correct than the tips available in newspapers, TV channels and internet websites.

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