Spot Best shares Invest like an Expert
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How it will help You to Spot the Best shares Invest like an Expert

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  1. Extraordinary Returns that has Impressed Expert traders also.
  2. How it gets such High Returns.
  3. Be Independent Intelligent Investor. Unlimited Opportunities.
  4. Works flawlessly for Any Amount. From 5000 rupees to Crores.
  5. Book Profits in 1 to 3 months.
  6. How it earns Huge profits in Bear market.
  7. Develops Multiple Sources of income.
  8. How to invest- if you CanNot put even 10 minutes a day.
  9. Why the name ""

        8 Reasons – How this Powerful strategy is also very Easy to Learn & Easy to Apply

Question 9. Ok, it takes just 2 days for anybody to learn and apply this investment strategy in the real share market. Does that mean that this investment strategy is for new investors and not for experienced investors?

Answer. We suggest to our customers to use this strategy with the expectation of getting over 40 percent returns annually. In this financial year we have achieved extraordinary profits. 

We made a profit of 787% in futures and options and 92% in cash market. Please Click here to see details about our performance.

Are you

  1. Already able to get such high returns?
  2. Are you confident that you can get such returns in all market conditions?

If your answer is Yes to both of the above questions then we congratulate you for already being a successful investor.

Many of our customers are share brokers and professional share traders. Even, they have found that once they started using our investment strategy their profits increased dramatically and their losses became negligible.

Here are the feedbacks from some of them.

  1. Amit Kavishwar & Anand Kene(Traders in Aruna Investments, Nagpur)

    You have done a excellent job by developing the Precision Technicals Day End Fifty System. I and my partner Mr. Anand Kene are in the market for the last 3 years. We are professionally qualified as cost accountants. By implementing your Precision Technicals Day End Fifty System my portfolio has risen a staggering 40%.
    To read full feedback please click here

  2. Mr. Dipak Jaggade (Share Broker)

    I am in share broking field since 8 years, still completing the two days course from Precision Technicals really made a big difference. For the first time in my long career I found myself sitting in front of trading screen confidently, feeling like a market expert and not like a common trader or broker.
    To read full feedback please click here

  3. Ashok Alkari (Sub broker)

    The tech analysis learnt from Precision Technicals is the most wonderful thing that occurred to us. Not only is it helping us in taking decisions for the clients in cash market, it is now helping us to take positions in F&O also
    To read full feedback please click here

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Question 10. Ok, so all types of investors can get very high returns from using this strategy. What is the basic principle that helps this investment strategy to get such high rates of return?

Answer. What does a common Investor do when the price of his share starts to increase? He soon sells it and books the profit. What does a common investor do when the price of his share falls? He holds on to it, in the hope that the price will rise back so that he can avoid the loss. However, the share price keeps on falling and his losses multiply. This is one of the top mistakes that a common investor makes.

He cuts his profits immediately and He lets his losses to keep growing.

This investment strategy will show you how to do the opposite of this. You will learn how to make your losses small and limited while your gains become large and unlimited. This is one of the most important principles to be followed to earn large gains in the share market. You will learn how to

Book losses immediately and let profits grow larger and larger

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Question 11. Ok, now I am beginning to understand this investment strategy. How many tips can I expect to get from this per day and what is its success rate?

Answer. Once you take the 2 day course on this Investment strategy you will not ask for tips anymore. You will become capable to take your investment decisions on your own. In fact you will soon find that your friends, colleagues and neighbors are asking you for tips.Every day in your 10 minute analysis of the share market you will be able to identify many profitable investment options. In fact using our investment strategy and products you will be able to find Every profitable investment option available anywhere in NSE or BSE. Thus you will not be limited to 2-3 tips. You will be able to spot all the tips that are present in the share market.

So if the market is doing great and there are 20 shares that are likely to skyrocket then you will be able to get 20 tips. On the other hand if the market is stagnant and no share is going to move up on the next day, then you will be able to correctly identify that also. Thus you will not waste your money investing in non existent investment opportunities.

The recommendations given by this investment strategy have been proven to have a success rate of 90 percent. Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar have also been giving our top recommendations to the newspaper Sakal for its business supplement published on every Monday. The success rate of these recommendations published in Sakal newspaper has been 95 percent.

Now here is the best proof of the high success rate of our recommendations. Almost all of our customers who subscribed for our products continue to renew their subscription.

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Question 12. It is great that I will be able to spot unlimited tips with 90 percent success rate on my own. It is quite impressive that almost all customers continue to renew their subscription every year. Now, I would like to know the minimum and maximum amount that I can invest in shares using this investment strategy?

Answer. This investment strategy works successfully for all investment size. Are you a new investor who just wants to invest 5000 rupees in a share? Be assured that this strategy will work for you.

Or do you have a portfolio of crores and you invest 10 lakhs on a single share? Be assured that this investment strategy will work for you too.

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Question 13. So this investment strategy works whether I invest only 5000 rupees or invest crores of rupees. That is amazing. How long will I need to buy and hold the shares to get my profits?

Answer. Share prices can move in 3 direction, Up, down and sideways (i.e. very little price change). This investment strategy is designed to identify the shares which are at the beginning of their rising phase. Once they stop rising rapidly and start moving in a sideways manner we sell the stock and move on to the next share. This way we are able to ensure that our capital is always growing rapidly.

The exact time period that we hold a share depends on the market conditions and the behavior of that particular share. On an average we hold a share for 1 to 3 months.

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Question 14. Ok, so I can expect to book my profits in 1 to 3 months. You have mentioned earlier that by using this investment strategy we will be able to get high returns in both Bull and Bear markets. How can we get high returns in a bear market?

Answer. Share market shows 2 kinds of behavior, Bull market and Bear Market. On an average we will see Bull market for twice as long as we see the bear market. So if we take a time period of 10 years we will find that there was bull market for about 7 years and bear market for about 3 years.

In the bear market the share prices move twice as fast as bull market. For example if it takes 2 years of Bull market for BSE sensex to rise 5000 points, then usually just 1 year of Bear market will wipe out the 5000 point gain. Thus in bear market you can make money more rapidly, though the risks are also higher.

To make money in Bear market one needs to trade in Futures and Options. In Futures and Options one is able to get margins of 3 times or more of the amount invested. This means that with 10,000 rupees you will be able to buy shares worth more than 30,000 rupees. Thus you can earn 3 times the profit you earn by investing the same amount in the regular cash market.

But on the other side this means that you can suffer equally severe losses if you make the wrong decisions. So we strongly recommend that you spend at least 4 months investing in the cash market using our investment strategy, before you move to Futures and Options.

If you would like to understand more about Futures and Options then click here to subscribe for the Basic Ecourse : Understanding Shares for Beginners. This course is totally Free.

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Question 15. Ok great, so we can get great returns in a bear market also. You have mentioned earlier that we will be able to develop multiple sources of income. How is this done?

Answer. Currently what percentage of your savings have you invested in high return investment options like the share market? Is it 10 percent or maybe 20 percent? So 80 to 90 percent of your savings will be lying in savings account or fixed deposit, which give very small returns. 

This is an important difference between those who grow rich and those who struggle to make their ends meet.

A rich man makes his money work hard in carefully
planned investments while he himself relaxes.

A common man lets his money idle in a saving account
while he himself slogs for 12-14 hours in his office.

Most common investors invest on the basis of tips or other unreliable information. He has no idea if the tips will work or not. So he does not dare to invest more that 10 or 20 percent of his money in the share market.

Once you start using this investment strategy you will begin to understand the share market. You will be able to correctly identify the shares whose prices are going to rise rapidly. You will also be able to predict the target price and the time needed by the share to reach the target price.

Share market will not look like a high risk unpredictable world. Instead you will understand that, it is a system in which a well trained investor can confidently earn high returns.

People following our investment strategy have consistently earned 40 percent returns in all kinds of share market. If you invest an amount equal to your annual income then you will find that in less than a couple of years, your earnings from the share market will start to exceed your regular income.

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Question 16. Ok, so I can develop multiple sources of income by investing in the high return investment opportunities identified by this investment strategy. This sounds wonderful; I wish I could use it. But I manage a big business and I am so busy that I think I will Not be able to give 10 minutes per day. Can you help?

Answer. We look forward to give value to our customers. We want to be 100 percent sure that a customer earns much more from using our investment strategy than the amount he pays to us for our services.

So if you are unable to give even 10 minutes a day then we will advise you Not to enroll for the course and Not to subscribe for any of our software products.

In this case You should subscribe for our Portfolio management services. Here we will take over all the work and analysis needed to be done for investing. We will identify and provide you with the most profitable investment opportunities present in the share market. We shall also track these recommendations to the closure. This means that you no longer need to bother about Buy signals, Stop loss or Targets. Our experts will take care of this for you.

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Question 17. You mention that it takes 10 minutes per day to apply this investment strategy. But the name of this website is Why does the website name have “9 minute” in it instead of “10 minutes” ?

Answer. The answer to this question does not depend on any share market principles or investment strategy and you might find it a little amusing. Originally we had considered the name, which has 37 characters. In the internet in many places there is a limitation that the maximum length allowed for the website name is 35 characters. So we changed 10minutes to 9minute to arrive at our 35 character name

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