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Quick and Effective courses about shares for dummies, Regular investors & Experts. This course is Completely Free. Start earning Good Profits Regularly by understanding the share market.

Learn, how  to make Huge Profits from the Share Market

in JUST 7 Hours (FREE ECourse)

7 Part Course. The Finest Study Material available about Share Market.You will learn how to

  • Utilize and make Profits from each of the Major Investment Options
  • Identify Shares with the Best Investment Potential
  • Buy shares at the Right Price and Right Time
  • Sell shares at the Right Price and Right Time
  • Select the Best Demat and Trading Account
  • Do Fundamental Analysis of a share in Just 5 minutes
  • Multiply your profits by trading in Futures & Options
  • Understand Technical Analysis Easily

ALL Relevant Information consolidated in 55 Information Rich Pages


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In Just 7 Hours this course will help you to

  • Build a Solid Foundation of Knowledge about the share market
  • Become a Confident & Successful Investor
  • Get Practical Knowledge; Large number of Real Life Examples are given
  • You can Apply the Knowledge that you gain from it in Real life situations

Course Content

The blue table given below contains the Course Structure and Contents.

We have collected and included all Relevant Information about the share market in this course. Click here to view the Detailed list of Topics covered in this Course about shares for dummies, Beginners and Regular Investors.


Part  Content
Part 1
Understand all Major Investment Options

Find out the Best Investment Option for YOU

9 Pages
Part 2
Basics of share market, shares for dummies

Understand Basics Principles of Share Market

In Just 30 Minutes

7 Pages
Part 3
 Become an Expert Fundamental Analyst

Find out how YOU can do 

Fundamental Analysis of a Share In Just 5 Minutes !!

8 Pages
Part 4
Learn how to Start Trading &

Select the Best Demat and Trading Account (30 Minutes)

7 Pages
Part 5
Learn Technical Analysis in Just 50 minutes

It is the Most Powerful method to Analyze Share Market

10 Pages
Part 6
Become an Expert in ‘Futures’ in Just 30 minutes

7 Pages
Part 7
Become an Expert in ‘Options’ in Just 30 minutes
7 Pages

Total Size

55 Pages

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