The Secret to earn High Profits in Shares for Beginners, Regular Investors & even Experts

This Powerful 2 Day Course reveals the secret to earn high profits in shares for Beginners, Regular Investors and even Experts. You will Learn the Simple, Reliable and Powerful method to spot the shares whose price are going to skyrocket.


Basic Concept

While working in the Indian share market for 17 years, Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar discovered a few Very Important Indicators that ALWAYS appeared when a share’s price was going to skyrocket or crash. They developed a powerful investment strategy based on these indicators. This strategy is extremely Easy to Learn, extremely Easy to Apply and earns high returns in both bull and bear market.

Helps you to make Outstanding Profit
  • Expect to earn an annual return of 40 percent comfortably.
  • This year we earned 787% in F&O and 92% in regular share market
  • Our investment recommendations have a proven 90% success rate.
  • Unlimited tips i.e. unlimited highly profitable investment opportunities.
  • Successfully works for any amount from 5000 rupees to crores of rupees.

How it will help You to become an Intelligent Investor
  • Learn to spot when a share’s price is going to skyrocket or crash.
  • Learn how to make profits high and unlimited, and to keep losses negligible.
  • Learn how to win money from big investors instead of losing your money to them.
  • Develop multiple sources of income and enjoy a better standard of life.
  • Works reliably in Indian share market in both bull market and bear market.
  • Become Independent. Get the knowledge and confidence to take all your investment decisions yourself.

Reliable, Easy to learn and Easy to apply
  • Put only 10 minutes per day for analysis to invest using this strategy.
  • Enjoy Peace of mind. No need to check the share prices during the day.
  • No prior knowledge of share market is required.
  • It takes just 2 days to learn it and apply it successfully in actual share market.
  • You will solve 15 Real cases Yourself, during this Practical oriented course.
  • People from all backgrounds like salaried, businessman or housewives are Easily able to use it successfully.
  • The best proof that this investment strategy really works is that, almost All of our customers who subscribed for our products continue to renew their subscription.

Course contents - Basic concept of Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis of Share Market
  • Dow Theory
  • Trends and Trend Lines
  • Types of Technical charts.
  • Japanese Candlesticks Theory

Course contents - Price Patterns
  • Head and Shoulder
  • Inverted Head and Shoulder
  • Double top
  • Double bottom
  • Up flag
  • Down flag

Course Content - Our Unique Theories and Methods
  • Our refined theory about Moving Averages
  • Our special method to interpret Indicators and Oscillators.
  • Unique theory about Price Patterns which predicts price targets and required time period.
  • Importance of implementing Stop Loss and Our special method to calculate Stop Loss Levels.

Course Content - Unique Investment and Asset management techniques
  • Unique Risk management strategies
  • Unique Money management strategies
  • Unique Portfolio management techniques
  • Theory about Trading Techniques and Systems
  • Unique Practical session in which 15 real cases are solved by you.

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  • Lifetime Support Guaranty
  • 1 year access to Market View
  • 2 weeks usage of Profision.
  • 20 days access to Personal Portfolio Advisor (PPA).

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Course Fee

I guess now you would be wondering about how much this course will cost. We always strive to give our customers the maximum value for their money. So we fixed the Fee for this course at 7942 rupees per person. (Inclusive of Course material, Lunch, Snacks and service tax)

The Real value You get from this package

The real value that You get from this package is far more than the 7942 rupees that you pay for it. This course will easily give you 400 percent returns, on the amount you spend for it, in the very first year. The true value of this complete package when compared to similar products in the market comes to 122,000 rupees. Click here to find out the Real value of this Course.

Schedule of confirmed sessions

We frequently conduct this course in many major Indian cities. For Pune and Mumbai the dates of the following forthcoming sessions have already been confirmed. The schedule is


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The complex Technical Analysis is made so SIMPLE to Understand and Apply.

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Pravin Mokal

Pravin Mokal

It makes YOU Self Reliant for all the decisions you will take about your stock investments rather than being always dependent on false information like tips, news in business-channels/newspapers or even the balance sheets etc.

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