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Precision Technicals is proud of the words of appreciation that we have received from our valued customers. People from all walks of life, like salaried people, housewives, businessmen or retired people, all have found Precision Technicals products Easy to Use, Easy to Apply and very Profitable. Here are some of the valued feedbacks that we have received. Click on the links below to read the full feedbacks.

Customer feedbacks

  1. Mr. Pravin Mokal - Salaried Professional

  2. Amit Kavishwar & Anand Kene (Traders in Aruna Investments, Nagpur)

  3. Sarvesh Kulkarni (Proprietor Chaitanya Engineers)

  4. Mr. Dipak Jaggade (Share Broker)

  5. Mr. Sharad Kulkarni – Salaried Professional

  6. Mr. Vikas Pathak ( Working in Denmark, Europe)

  7. Mr. B.D. Antani – Salaried Professional

  8. Sachin Kalgude, Project Manager, Pune

  9. Ashok Alkari (Sub broker)

  10. Amit Gadnis - Salaried Professional

  11. Sagar R. Agarwal, Director, Sheetal Rubber Products Ltd, Bhosari, Pune

  12. Mr. Vinay Ghule - Salaried Professional

  13. Mr. Arun Tathare - Salaried Professional

  14. Mr. Atul Thaker - Salaried Professional

  15. Major Naresh Barmola, Indian Army

  16. Sunil Kulkarni - Salaried Professional

  17. Sunil Jadhav - Service (Coca Cola)

  18. Milind Joshi - Pune (Interior Designer)

  19. Umesh Gabhe, Businessman

  20. Mr. Ajay Hendre Salaried Professional

  21. M. Ramachandran, Sharekhan Franchisee, Kalyaninagar, Pune 4

  22. Dr. Deepak Phene, BSc (Hon) MBA, (Trader, Consultant & Planner)

Pravin Mokal

Mr. Pravin Mokal - Salaried Professional

My relationship with Precision Technicals started with first question (from their relationship manager) to me "What are the parameters you check while buying any stock?" I was mum as I did not have a concrete answer. I was doing it based upon my friend’s tips, or news in business channels/newspapers, or sometime reading the company profile and balance sheet etc. With that first question I realized "Yes, I will get answers to all my questions about stock market in this course". I am happy to put it here that my expectations are met in the course.

It’s amazing!! If I just look at the contents, I think it’s not much. But then I wonder "Are the contents really small or they seemed like that due to the ‘keep it simple’ approach by Mr. Kiran Jadhav." He is simply amazing in his knowledge and presentation skills. He knows exactly what he is doing!!

His genius lies in –
  1. His "keep it simple" approach. I believe keeping things simple is the toughest job. It’s like when Sachin bats you feel that the pitch supports batting but when he is OUT you suddenly see the spin and bounce in the pitch when the others fail in chain after him.
  2. Thorough knowledge about Technical Analysis of share market.
  3. More importantly his willingness to share this knowledge with common people, especially in this current world where almost everybody tries to fool others.

So if you are reading this testimonial to decide upon whether to join this course, my straight forward answer is bold ‘YES’. You gain much more than what you pay especially if you are or want to be in stock market. It gives you ‘Independence’!! It makes you self reliant for all the decisions you (will) take about your stock investments rather than being always dependent on false information like tips, news in business-channels/newspapers or even the balance sheets etc.

Amit Kavishwar & Anand Kene(Traders in Aruna Investments, Nagpur)

You have done a excellent job by developing the Precision Technicals Day End Fifty Trading System. I and my partner Mr. Anand Kene are in the market for the last 3 years. We are professionally qualified as cost accountants. In all these years the best thing we ever did was forget the fundamentals of stock. No fundamentals needed (nor wanted). Why do some people have to know why a stock is going up? Not only is it a waste of time studying fundamentals but it can actually harm your profits.

Forget about Swing trading/day trading for tiny profits. The big money is made by the BIG moves. And when you know what to look for it's simply a matter of being disciplined and patient!

Nifty futures trading is a double-edged sword! It has the ability to make you enormous yearly gains if it's done right, but if it isn't, your account will disappear faster than you could even imagine. That's why it doesn't make sense to apply your mind to trade. Just follow the signals given by the 'Precision Technicals 
Day End Fifty System'. Compared to the profits one can make, the cost of this system is a mere raindrop in the ocean. Anyone who doesn't subscribe to your system is missing the boat. It's that simple. We also sincerely feel that you are the most honest and straight forward no-hype person we have come across in the stock market. A rare thing indeed. We wish you all the success !!

Sarvesh Kulkarni (Proprietor Chaitanya Engineers)

Even if one has only his last Rs. 5000 left with him, he should do this course to build financial health thereafter. I strongly recommend this course to anyone & everyone who wants to change their finances for the better.

Mr. Dipak Jaggade (Share Broker)

I am in share broking field since 8 years. You must be knowing that every good broking firms have their own research and analysts team. Still completing the two days course from Precision technicals really made a big difference.

June 9,2008 the first day back in office after completing the course, there was 500 points fall in the market. I did not panic as I used to when such a huge fall happened. First I didn’t really understand what made me feel so confident, then I realized it’s nothing but you. The way you simplify so called difficult concepts helped me to understand not only the Technical Analysis part but also how it impacts share market.

Only reason I highlight my first day back at work is because for the first time in my long career I found myself sitting in front of trading screen confidently, feeling like a market expert and not like a common trader, investor or broker. Thanks a lot for sharing your precious knowledge with us. May god's grace be with you and
Precision Technicals. One of your lifetime admirers.


Mr. Sharad Kulkarni – Salaried Professional

I really consider myself lucky that I could attend the seminar on Technical analysis on 12 & 13 July 08 by Precision Technicals. The first thought that came to my mind after attending the seminar was that, had I attended it before I would have saved so many losses and would not have missed so many opportunities. But it is never too late. Actually there are so many books and classes on technical analysis. What I learn in this seminar is APLICATION of Technical Analysis tools to actual market conditions.

I was also surprised to see the simplicity of the process. The complex Technical Analysis is made so SIMPLE to Understand and Apply. Also the software developed by Mr. Kiran Jadhav is very user-friendly and simple. After attending the seminar I have really gained so much confidence. Thanks to Mr. Kiran Jadhav and his devoted team at Precision Technicals.

Mr. Vikas Pathak ( Working in Denmark, Europe)

From last one & half year I am living in Denmark and working there. I am on my vacation in India & I got this opportunity to attend your course. Many thanks for your wonderful course on technical analysis. It has given me vision about what exactly to do while analysing stocks. Till yesterday it was based on information from newspapers, magazines, TV & so on.

But now after this course, I can start doing my own analysis. I have been a passive investor for more than 20 years as I hold some shares from IPO in 85-86. Throughout this period I have only been buying shares as long term investment, I have rarely sold shares. As I mentioned above, my purchase was based upon tips & information from media. I also read one book on technical analysis, but could not use it for practical purpose. It was only when I met one of my friends & he told me about you & 
Precision Technicals course that I was able to understand how to apply technical analysis practically. I was also reading your articles in Sakal.

Mr. B.D. Antani – Salaried Professional

The Precision Technicals course was truly highly result oriented. Mr. Kiran Jadhav, did not so much as teach us, but made us learn the tools through a practical oriented methodology. The concepts were strongly embedded in our minds, with sixteen practicals. Indeed Mr. Kiran Jadhav ultimately Achieved the objective he spelt out at the start of the course; that is to make us arrive at the same results that a Technical Analysis Expert would arrive at. My profuse compliments to Mr. Kiran Jadhav & his team.

Sachin Kalgude, Project Manager, Pune

First of all, I want to thank you for offering technical analysis training session! The research you did and the results you provided went far beyond any expectations I had. The technical analysis class was a fantastic knowledge gaining weekend. Mr. Kiran Jadhav is a very good teacher who can explain very well (his experience, confidence reflects in his presentation).

 I’ve tried to learn Technical Analysis by other possibilities, but I usually gave up after a short time. The books so far I read taught me how to calculate various parameters used in technical analysis but didn’t give me clue on how to use them to buy/sell stocks. The Technical Analysis session taught me how to interpret various indicators to be a good investor rather than how to calculate various parameters and then keep guessing whether to buy or sell. The one day practical session has increased my confidence. Thanks to Mr. Kiran Jadhav and his
Precision Technicals team and wish you all the best.

Ashok Alkari (Sub broker)

The tech analysis learnt from Precision Technicals is the most wonderful thing that occurred to us. Not only is it helping us in taking decisions for the clients in cash market, it is now helping us to take positions in F&O with greater confidence as the base remains the same for both categories. With time I am sure that we will achieve greater success.

Amit Gadnis - Salaried Professional

Precision Technical’s Technical Analysis course has been really helpful. I am in stock markets since 2002. Before this course I used to end up investing in equities at higher value and eventually the value would come down & after getting frustrated with holding, I would book losses. After technical analysis course I got idea of what scrip’s to invest in & the probable time frame in which the scrip would rise after investing.

It gave me a vision of projecting the probable increase in the value of stock & thereby the probable amount & profits that I would be assured. As far as equity is concerned I have practically recovered losses that I had previously booked. Now I am looking forward in derivatives segment. One word of caution that I feel is initially one should invest only @ 10% of the amount of total investment to get our own analysis right. That is only to build the confidence in ourselves before investing huge sums.

Sagar R. Agarwal, Director, Sheetal Rubber Products Ltd, Pune

One sentence for Mr. Kiran Jadhav and the course, Hats off to him . He is an excellent and mind blowing speaker and Whatever i have learnt from the course it works. It is amazing believe me. People who are thinking of joining the course please don’t think, just go ahead and do it without even asking anybody. Long live Precision Technicals and Mr. Kiran Jadhav.

Mr. Vinay Ghule - Salaried Professional

After this course I can proudly say that I am no longer a common investor now! The first thing I did after the training is that I emptied my existing portfolio and started afresh. I am confident that by following the principles taught in the course I will definitely make profits. This is the most practical course I ever attended in my life. I sincerely thank Mr. Kiran Jadhav for sharing his invaluable experience with us.

Mr. Arun Tathare - Salaried Professional

Kiran Jadhav is an authority in the field of technical analysis, and is a hardcore trainer too. There are many more analysts in the field, but someone who is passionate about bringing the knowledge to common man, is Mr. Kiran Jadhav. Another remarkable characteristic of him is discipline, which he inculcates in us during training. I was so impressed with his disciplined approach to not only technical analysis, but even about course timings and the method of conducting practicals, that I told myself, this is the rebirth of investor in me.

To top it all, the confidence with which he trains you is amazing and depicts the level of authority he holds in this field. I have sold my entire portfolio that I held prior to the course on the first trading session after the course based on the guidelines (in his words, rules) and am feeling that first time my moves have started going in the right direction!! One just has to follow his rules in a "robotic" way to succeed in the market. Believe me, it's much simpler than what we think it would be. Kiran Sir, keep up the noble work of transforming common people into profit making investors!!

Mr. Atul Thaker - Salaried Professional

My follow up is in three part
1st. Part:
:-( Before I came to the course my face was like this as I was loosing lots of money in trading
2nd Part:
:-| After 24th. i.e. Day one of the
Precision Technicals Seminar atleast I was sure that I am not going to loose anymore money now onwards
3rd Part:
:-) After full Seminar I am sure that I am not only going to stop losses with the help of stop loss but also going to make money now onwards.

Major Naresh Barmola, Indian Army

Stock market is like an ocean. If one enters this ocean without learning to swim then we find great difficulties, invariably leading to mental and financial distress.The approach which I followed is first learning to swim and its finer aspects & then entering the ocean (stock market). This has paid me rich dividends and the process is continuous & never ending.

The courses run by Precision Technicals exposes a person to the world of Stock Market to such a great extent that he develops tremendous confidence after the series of interactions with experinced & qualified team. Moreover, the training is so good that one feels that one has become as good if not better than even the teachers. A Must Do course for people keeping an eye on stock market & wanting to become Stock savvy.

Sunil Kulkarni - Salaried Professional

This is a wonderful analysis course. Precision Technicals has made complicated technical analysis very simple. It is effective, I am using this knowledge regularly since last two years and it gives me good returns. The after sales service of Precision Technicals is admirable. Now I am investing in the market with my own analysis and not dependant on anybody’s tips. Every Investor in the market should do this course to understand & predict this volatile share market and make money with full satisfaction.

Sunil Jadhav - Service (Coca Cola)

I didn’t know about Technical Analysis before doing this course. Kiran Jadhav’s course is simple, easy to understand and very well organized in just two days. All candidates have to do the practical’s themselves, this gave me confidence. I will recommend this course to everyone who invests or trades in the stock markets. This course makes predicting volatile markets easy and making money in the markets much easier.

Milind Joshi - Pune (Interior Designer)

To Earn Money in any Field, what is most needed is Confidence. In Share Market also most of the people lose their Money just because they loose their Confidence. The Main reason to loose this Confidence in this Specific Field is 'FEAR & GREED' factor of humans.

But the real Magic is seen when one does the course of Technical-Analysis, that too conducted by Kiran Sir of Precision Technicals. Any one can easily gain his Confidence back. As the simplified method taught by Kiran Sir helps everybody to easily overcome the so called ' FEAR & GREED ' factor. And this regained Confidence itself takes everyone to Success, for which everyone like me Shall be always Grateful to Mr. Kiran Jadhav.

Umesh Gabhe, Businessman

Almost perfect, lucid presentation for rational approach to minimize losses and maximize profits in a short time input. Investors awareness increases multifolds.

Mr. Ajay Hendre Salaried Professional

It's a really Positive Breakout for me. Most of the Common Investors have a eager smile on their face while buying the stocks :) ...but vice versa thereafter :(. In the past I didn’t know where i was? (Off course in Stock Market), but from this 'GREAT' opportunity of learning I can predict myself where i should (not will) be ...keeping my SMILE forever... It also helped me a lot, in finding out the mistakes that I made previously and gives me a smooth direction for my new plans... It's a simple and great training program conducted by Precision Technicals & its team. Thanx a lot, Specially 'Kiran Sir' & his team. Wishing you all the best for future!!!.

M. Ramachandran, Sharekhan Franchisee, Kalyaninagar, Pune 4

I was extremely happy to attend your workshop on Technical Analysis on the 5th & 6th August 2006 at Le Meridian, Pune. I appreciate your training model and guidance on practical use of Technical data for maximizing returns. I have started using your “Stock Picker” for myself and my clients benefit.

Dr. Deepak Phene, BSc (Hon) MBA, (Trader, Consultant & Planner)

Many Stock Trading Legends use Technical Analysis as a supplementary tool, but I find that the course on Technical Analysis organized by Precision Technicals is the major tool for creation of wealth.

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