Day End Fifty: Accurate Nifty Buy and Sell signals for Nifty traders


Day End Fifty is a trading system for NSE Nifty. Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar have studied the behavior of NSE Nifty right from the time when it was created. They have developed a formula using technical analysis parameters which can generate Buy and Sell signals for Nifty. These signals will help the subscriber to trade in Nifty profitably.

The market moves in three trends – Up, Down and Sideways. The investor can earn profits in both Up trend and Down trend by going Long or Short. The principle behind this trading system is to catch the Up moves and the Down moves in the market and to minimize the exposure to sideways trends. As per the company policy a subscriber is allowed only two logins per day.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to use. Has user friendly interface.
  • No anxiety for the investor. Eliminates the fear and greed factor.
  • Helps to make money in rising as well as falling markets.
  • Incomparable track record. 5 years of Profitable performance.
  • Suited for individuals from all walks of life like: house wives, students, salaried individuals, businessmen, brokers, traders and retired individuals.
  • Every day it releases Buy/Sell Signals for the next day at 7 p.m. in the evening.
  • It is a useful tool to do Portfolio Hedging.
  • It is convenient to trade in Nifty as it requires only a small starting investment.

Subscription Fee

Here is the subscription fee (Inclusive of all taxes)

  1. One year subscription fee: Rs. 11030.00
  2. 10 day evaluation trial/demo fee: Rs. 1103.00


  • If you purchase the software within the next 10 days of the trial / demo expiry date then this amount will be adjusted in the 1 year subscription cost.
  • If you subscribe after 10 days of the trial / demo expiry date then you will have to pay the complete amount for the 1 year subscription.
  • You will receive Auto Generated Renewal Reminders in the last 5 days before the expiry date.

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