Spot Hot shares Early and Earn Large profits, Outstanding Past performance

Be the first to spot the hot shares using the most Powerful Investment Strategy and products available for BSE and NSE. This investment strategy and related services have given extraordinary profits in all kinds of market conditions. This year it has given 787% returns in Futures and options and 92% returns in cash market.

Click on the links below to know more about the valuable training programs, Software product and Advisory services that we provide.


Training Programs
  1. 2 Day Course on our Powerful Investment Strategy
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  2. 1 Day Course on F&O based on our Powerful Investment Strategy.
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  1. Profision: A Powerful software based on our Investment Strategy.
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Advisory Services

  1. Day End Fifty: Accurate Nifty Buy and Sell signals for Nifty trading.
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  2. Personalized Portfolio Advisor (PPA): Our Premium product.
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Which Product is Right for You

  1. Investors who Can spend 10 minutes a day on Analysis
  2. Investors who are NOT able to put even 10 minutes a day on Analysis

Additional Bonuses

Reimbursement Policy for the Training Programs

I believe all of you would be having this query,”Which of these Powerful, Unique products is Right for me?” Here is how you should proceed.

Investors who Can spend 10 minutes a day on Analysis

  1. Enroll for the 2 Day course about our Investment Strategy based on Technical Analysis. You will get Free 2 weeks access to the software Profision with this course.
  2. Use the 2 week free access to Profision to experience the power of this software. You will see how efficiently this software catches all the hot shares present in BSE and NSE and helps you to earn a handsome profit.
  3. Once you have mastered this investment strategy you can think of taking the 1 day course on Futures and Options.

Investors who are NOT able to put even 10 minutes a day on Analysis

You should subscribe for our Advisory services.

  • If you are into Nifty trading then you should subscribe for Day End Fifty.
  • If you prefer to invest in the hot shares in regular Cash Market or Futures and Options then you should subscribe for the Personalized Portfolio Advisor (PPA).
  • In case you like to trade in both Nifty and regular stocks then you can subscribe for both Day End Fifty and PPA.

Additional Bonuses

We always strive to give our customers the maximum value for their money. So we provide many free bonus items with each of our products. Click here to get full details about these Freebies which will help you to spot all the hot shares in Bse and Nse.

Reimbursement Policy for the Training Programs

If you wish to cancel a training program booking for which full payment has already been made, then we will follow this reimbursement policy.

  1. If cancellation is done at least 7 days before the date of the training program then the entire fee amount will be refunded. If you prefer, then we can also shift your booking to a future date when we are conducting that training program.

  2. If cancellation is done less than 7 days prior to the date of the training program then no refund will be given. It will also not be possible to shift your booking to a future date.

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