1 Day Course about Futures and Options based on our Powerful Investment Strategy

Basic Concept

This focused 1 day course will help you to understand the basic concepts about Futures and Options. It will also help you to understand how to apply our powerful investment strategy in the Futures and Options segment. Some of the carefully chosen topics that will be taken in this course are:
  • Introduction to Derivatives segment
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Margining in Futures
  • Payoff Profile - Risk and Return
  • Strategies
  • Introduction to Options
  • Premium Calculation
  • Some Opportunistic Strategies

Pre Requisite

In Futures and Options one can get a margin of around 3 times. This means that by investing 10,000 rupees you can trade shares worth more than 30,000 rupees. Thus you can easily earn 3 times the profit that you earn by investing the same amount in regular cash market. But on the other hand the losses can also be equally severe.

So we have kept the Pre Requisite that you should have completed the 2 Day Course about our Investment Strategy based on Technical Analysis, at least 4 months prior to attending this course. This 4 month time period will give you ample time to master our investment strategy and gain exposure in the share market. You will then be ready to move to Futures and Options segment and earn even greater profits.

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Course Fee

I guess now you would be wondering about how much this course will cost. We always strive to give our customers the maximum value for their money. So we fixed the Fee for this course at 3861 rupees per person. (Inclusive of Course material, Lunch, Snacks and Service Tax)

The Real value You get from this package

The real value that You get from this package is far more than the 3861 rupees that you pay for it. This course will easily give you 900 percent returns, on the amount you spend for it, in the very first year. The true value of this complete package when compared to similar products in the market comes to

111,000 rupees. Click here to find out the Real value of this Course.

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