Why we do not keep it a Secret

In the blue box below I have put a question which all of you would be asking. Read on to find out, why we do so....

Q. If this system is so good then Why do you Share it with others? Why don’t you keep it as a secret and focus all your time to use this investment strategy to multiply only your own money?

Answer.There are 4 reasons why we are happy to share this investment strategy with everybody.

Its success will not be impacted even if lakhs of people follow it

The first reason is that this theory will work irrespective of the number of people who follow it. So whether we have 100 people who invest based on this method or a million people who invest based on this, it will not be impacted. It will still work. So we do not loss out on the money that we are earning by using this investment method by sharing it with others.

Needs just 10 minute. Plenty of time to develop other Initiatives.

Secondly this investment strategy is so simple that we need to spend just 10 minutes per day to do the required analysis. So even if one invests crores of rupees, one needs to spend just 10 minute per day to do the required analysis. This gives us a lot of time to pursue other business opportunities.

To create multiple sources of income

Let’s come to the third reason. To grow rich one should always follow this principle. Create multiple sources of income. We look to create another source of income by providing valuable services to our customers.

After a customer attends our training to learn this investment strategy he will be able to make huge profits in the share market. We believe that these high returns will help him to recognize that he can further increase his wealth by subscribing to our other products also. Thus we will build a lifelong mutually profitable relationship with our customers.

Desire to grow and excel

Now let us come to the last reason. The two Ambani brothers are among the top 10 richest men in the world. Does that mean that they have stopped trying to earn more? On the contrary every day we hear about the new ventures and projects that they are starting, to further increase their wealth. It’s human nature to want to grow and excel. So we are also looking to grow and excel. But be assured that we will never compromise on our core principle. And that is

The Cost of our services must be very Small compared to

the Profits that our customers make from it.

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