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Hi, my name is Arish Rajan and I live in Pune, India. As you have clicked to this page you would be interested to know a little bit more about me. So here is my story. Just to be a bit more sure and comfortable you can click here to view my credentials.

I am a computer engineer and I have been working for 6 years. I have worked in 4 large MNC’s Kanbay (now acquired by Capgemini), GE, EDS and HSBC. These have been high growth years in the Indian IT sector and this reflects in the challenging roles that I got very early in my career. I became a team leader of a 4 member team within just 4 months of joining my first company Kanbay. In my 6 years of work-ex, for about 4 and half years I have been leading various teams. Towards the end I was managing a 30 member team. 

My passion has always been the financial domain and I wanted to do MBA from a top college and move into this field. Thus I became one among the lakhs of CAT/IIM aspirants. I am good in analytical reasoning and logic and so the percentile scores in my CAT attempts were 97.68 and 98.25. Pretty good but just a little short of the 99+ percentile needed to get an IIM admission.

That’s when the one year MBA’s like the one pioneered by ISB came out. These became the best MBA courses for experienced professionals to advance their careers. So I gave the GMAT test and secured a percentile of 99 and a score of 760. I got a couple of interview calls from ISB which unfortunately did not convert into a final call. Finally I got selected for MBA at IIM Indore.

The number of people using the internet is increasing rapidly every year. For many years I have felt that there are huge business opportunities in the internet. I also understood more about what I really wanted to do in life. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Taking a big educational loan and spending a year studying and many years paying back the loan, no longer looked like the right decision. I then decided to the take the plunge and become an entrepreneur over the internet.

Over the years I had also been taking considerable interest in the share market. I was trading actively. I had read many books, articles and attended courses about trading in shares. I happened to attend Precision Technicals 2 day Technical Analysis course conducted by Kiran Jadhav and used their software Profision. 

I realized that this was something special. This investment strategy had the potential to revolutionize the way in which the common investors in India invest. It was Easy to learn, highly profitable and required just 10 minutes of analysis per day to use it.

I knew that I could use the internet to help Precision Technicals to reach out to thousands of people who wanted to  become successful and Independent investors. I met with Kiran and Mandar to explain the idea behind this website. Kiran and Mandar liked the concept and so this website came up. I hope that you have found this website helpful in your efforts to be a successful investor. I would love to hear any views and suggestions that you have.

Thanks for visiting my website :-).

Please click here if you want to Email me your suggestions, comments or queries

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