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This strategy has been developed by Top Experts of Indian share market Kiran Jadhav and Mandar Jamsandekar.

They regularly appear in NDTV Profit, CNBC Awaaz and UTVi.



Here is a video of Kiran Jadhav in UTVi channel, accurately predicting a major move of the share market. Click on the image to the left to start playing the video.



This strategy to invest shares is not just Powerful and Easy to use, Its really Easy to Learn also.

In Just 2 days people from every background, like Salaried people, Housewives, Students,  Businessman or Retired people, have been able to Master it.

Over the past 8 years, more than 10,000 people have attended this 2 day course and become Expert investors.

We have correctly predicted the behavior of the BSE and NSE in the long term also. Click here to see the proofs that Every major rally in the history of BSE and NSE has been correctly predicted by this investment strategy.

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7 Part Course. The Finest Study Material available about Share Market.You will learn how to

  • Utilize and make Profits from each of the Major Investment Options
  • Identify Shares with the Best Investment Potential
  • Buy shares at the Right Price and Right Time
  • Sell shares at the Right Price and Right Time
  • Select the Best Demat and Trading Account
  • Do Fundamental Analysis of a share in Just 5 minutes
  • Multiply your profits by trading in Futures & Options
  • Understand Technical Analysis Easily

ALL Relevant Information consolidated in 55 Information Rich Pages


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In Just 7 Hours this course will help you to

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  • Get Practical Knowledge; Large number of Real Life Examples are given
  • You can Apply the Knowledge that you gain from it in Real life situations

Let me now tell you some more details about how this powerful investment strategy works.

How does this Investment Strategy to invest shares work?

You would now have so many queries. And you want clear, to the point answers QUICKLY.

That’s why I have used the 17 question method. In 17 carefully chosen questions and answers you will get the complete picture of this investment strategy to invest shares in a step by step manner.

To help you get the complete summary in a single glance, I have created a condensed one liner for each question. These are given below.

If you want to get the full details of only some of the points then just click on the corresponding one liner given below.

Click here to get detailed answers to questions 1 to 8. Here you will find that this strategy to invest shares is Easy to Learn, Easy to Apply and Powerful.

Click here to get detailed answers to questions 9 to 17. Here you will find that this strategy to invest shares will help you to Spot best shares Invest like an Expert and Earn outstanding profits.

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  1. Needs Just 10 Minute per day and You Enjoy Peace of Mind also.
  2. No need to work hard doing Fundamental Analysis.
  3. No Worry or Fear of Financial crisis or sudden Policy changes.
  4. Accurately Predicts when share market will Skyrocket or Crash.
  5. Predicted Satyam Scam 6 months in Advance.
  6. The Basic Principle behind it.
  7. Even people with Zero Experience in share market Easily Learn it.
  8. You will Master it in Just 2 Days.
  9. Extraordinary Returns that has Impressed Expert traders also.
  10. How it gets such High Returns.
  11. Be Independent Intelligent Investor. Unlimited Opportunities.
  12. Works flawlessly for Any Amount. From 5000 rupees to Crores.
  13. Book Profits in 1 to 3 months.
  14. How it earns Huge profits in Bear market.
  15. Develops Multiple Sources of income.
  16. How to invest- if you CanNot put even 10 minutes a day.
  17. Why the name "".

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The complex Technical Analysis is made so SIMPLE to Understand and Apply.

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Pravin Mokal

Pravin Mokal

It makes YOU Self Reliant for all the decisions you will take about your stock investments rather than being always dependent on false information like tips, news in business-channels/newspapers or even the balance sheets etc.

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